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 Christian Top 1000 - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Christian Top 1000?
A. Web users can use
Christian Top 1000 to find the most popular Christian sites on the web and Christian webmasters can use Christian Top 1000 to increase their traffic by tapping into the thousands of unique visitors to our site. Christian Top 1000 was created in order help people find the Christian web sites they are looking for, without having to waste a lot of time. Christian Top 1000 exists to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by bringing the world to Christian websites and by bringing Christian websites to the world.

Q. How do I add my Christian website to Christian Top 1000?
A. To add your site to
Christian Top 1000, click on the "Add your site" button, complete the short form and add a simple counter-code to your site. Please note that in order to create and maintain the highest quality Christian site directory we possibly can, we carefully screen all submitted information.

Q. Does it cost anything to have my site listed?
A. No. We are providing a free service to the Christian community. This resource is for Christian sites only. If your site does not fall under the definition of "Christian", your site will not be added (or it will be removed).
Christian Top 1000 is not a "free for all" listing service as some web sites are. It is our goal to serve the web surfers looking for Christian web sites, with the best the web has to offer.

Q. After I list my site, I don't see it in the ranking. Why?
A. It will take 1 day to get your site ranked. Sites are ranked by the number of hits received the previous day. Further, sites have to be reviewed by us.

Q. How do you rate sites?
A. We do not rate sites. We rank them based on the number of hits they received the previous day.

Q. How does the system work?
A. For every valid hit to the webpages that have our counter-logo displayed, you receive one point. At the end of each day, our server ranks the registered sites based on the number of points they have. Remember, the more points you have the higher your site will be listed. We have determined this to be the fairest way to rank the participating sites.

Q. Why does my hit counter show a different number than my point score on
Christian Top 1000?
A. Not all web users allow pages to fully load. When a window is closed before completely loaded, there is a chance that the
Christian Top 1000 code was not loaded either and therefore, our server did not recorded the visit. To try to get a more accurate point score, make sure you have the Christian Top 1000 code as high on the page as possible.

Q. Why doesn't my site show up when I have followed all guidelines?
A. Probably you forgot to put the
Christian Top 1000 counter-code on your site. Or your site received no visitors the previous day. To make sure that your site appears every day in our ranking, please add the counter-code on every page of your website.

Q. How can I change my site info?
A. You may modify your registration whenever you want. Just click on the "Change Account Info" link.

Q. What about cheating?
A. We are disappointed that this has been an issue with some so-called Christians. However, all those who try to artificially increase the number of hits will be removed from our ranking, and have been. We have also recently updated the entire site to help detect and eliminate cheaters.

Q. Who owns the site? Can I buy an ad?
A. We are no longer accepting advertising, nor is the site for sale. Jason Hommel of and purchased the site in 2004 for $6000. Jason has hired numerous programmers over the years to work on the site, and finally found one qualified to fix it up, for about $4000. I would not sell the site for less than $20,000, but I plan to keep the site up and running for the Christian community online.

NOTE: We reserve the right to reject, remove or edit any listing submitted to or published in the
Christian Top 1000 directory, at any time and for any reason, without notice.

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